For non-professionals, pressure washing equipment and technique can cause damage to your property and physical injuries to the operator.

Pressure washing injuries can be painfulPressure washing may look easy. It looks like it is hooking up a water line to a machine and then just blasting away the dirt and grime. This is not the case, because water pressure, power equipment and slippery surfaces can easily lead to injuries.

If you think were exaggerating, just look at some of the comments below. These were straight from a chat forum entitled, “Pressure Washers, anyone have an accident?”

Pressure Washing Injury Stories

“I was cleaning the vinyl siding and back deck of my girlfriend’s mother’s house when I inadvertently hit my left pinky at full throttle with a 4000 psi pressure washer. Now I must say that the impact only lasted about a second but the damage ended up being significant. The pressure from the massive amount of blood trapped below the skin was excruciating. I was watching my finger swell before my eyes and thinking that it was going to explode because it was so full of blood.”


“I once sprayed my foot by accident. At the emergency room they told me they see three or four pressure washer accident victims a week. The hand surgeon said, ‘I can’t believe you didn’t do more damage than that.’ I must also add that this was a pretty powerful machine; it’s 4000 PSI and I had it locked on full throttle.”


“I went to start one (pressure washing machine) and put my hand on the exhaust for leverage. It had been running just a couple minutes before. I heard it sizzle before I felt it. That hurt!”


“My brother works at a factory that manufactures these things (pressure washing machines). He says that some of the models ‘can cut a man in half.'”


“I’ve seen one used in mining, carve a hole in granite. I accidentally slipped a finger just an 1/8 of an inch over the nozzle on a very small weak home-use model and it carved the cleanest 1/8 cut I have ever had. Surgical!”


“I slipped and cut my leg open with a pressure washer. I was amazed how easily that thing could cut someone open!”


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