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House Washing in the Greater Hagerstown, MD Area

Complete Power Wash, LLC is the premier pressure washing company in the Hagerstown and Tri-state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our pressure washing system cleans in a manner that is both environmentally safe and highly effective. Our team is among the best in the pressure washing business in the area.

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The Best Results

Pressure washing a home is one of the easiest, best and most cost-effective ways to change its appearance. Many homeowners don’t even realize how dirty their siding, walkways, fence, decks and roof have become over the years. The buildup is slow and most don’t even recognize it. Then, one day, the green walls, streaked roof and splotchy sidewalks and decking stand out, compared to the neighbor’s house, which was just professionally pressure washed.

You will love the way your home looks after our “softwash” cleaning. And because we get to the root of the problems that caused the growth in the first place — usually a moisture-induced fungi that needs to be neutralized through such a cleaning process — your house will stay cleaner for much longer than a typical cleaning provides. Our “before and after” samples of work done in the Tri-State (Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) area below, speaks to why you should choose Complete Power Wash!

Although gentle, our pressure washing system is efficient and we do the work as quickly as possible. We’ll do everything we can to minimize disruption to your daily routine and leave your property in order.

The SoftWash Process

Complete Power Wash techs use gentle water pressure to apply the cleaning agent, or detergent, and then gently rinse the exterior of your home.

We do not use high pressure applications that can damage the surface of your home. Our softwash technique also keeps water from being forced behind the siding, which can lead to more serious damage in the future. Trapped moisture can lead to mold issues.

As a final step, your home will be rinsed using a water softening agent that will help minimize water spots on your windows. And because the detergents are environmentally-friendly, it doesn’t harm plants or other landscaping around the house.

Among the residential pressure washing services offered by Complete Power Wash include roof cleaning and deck and patio cleaning. Beyond this, they will entertain special washing projects, and are even trained in commercial and industrial power washing. If you would like to see a gallery of our work, click here.


Working During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are pressure washing homes and businesses during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are following local guidelines and will make sure to take every precaution, because we want to keep everyone safe. If you have questions, please contact us here or call our office phone (301.842.2290).


Customer Testimonials

“Amazing customer service! I hired Complete Power Wash and crew for my relatives house wash and the results were amazing. Communication and customer service is key, and they went above and beyond. I will definitely use them again.”   – Joe D

“Our dirty roof was gross! It ruined the whole exterior appearance of our home. Immediately after you treated it, the roof looked like new… nice and clean! Thanks for doing such a good job..”   – Sue M.

“Great job! Professional service. The house looks brand new.”  – Terry M.

Our Pressure Washing Service Area

Complete Power Wash serves the entire Tri-state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In Maryland, our technicians travel to Hagerstown, Clear Spring, Hancock, Smithsburg, Boonsboro and Myersville. In nearby Pennsylvania, we clean businesses and residences in State Line, Greencastle and Waynesboro. We serve those in Falling Waters and Martinsburg in the Panhandle of West Virginia.

Call our Hagerstown, MD office at 301-842-2290 to schedule an appointment.

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