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Church roofs and steeples are beautiful, unless the build up of years of dirt and stains have taken away their majestic appeal. The pressure washing experts at Complete Power Wash can handle these jobs.

Pressure Washed Church Steeple by Complete Power Wash on Hagerstown, MD

Steeple and Roof AFTER Softwash Power Wash

Hagerstown and many of the surrounding communities have a beauty that attracts many from the Baltimore-Washington area on the weekends. There is much to love about the area, such as the mountains, fields and towns. One of the hallmarks of this area are the church steeples that line the main streets or sit in splendor among the green landscapes along the highways. Frederick, MD is even a destination for many just to the view the cityscape of clustered spires.

Complete Power Wash takes extra pride when called on to help return one of these houses of worship to its original glow, using the softwash technique. The softwash approach is the use of gentle, environmentally-friendly detergents and low water pressure to remove dirt, fungi and other unwanted buildup. While many homeowners have seen this technique work wonders, church building committees may not be aware and select any pressure washing company that comes in with the lowest bid. However, lowest bids rarely take into account pressure washing mistakes that lead to costly repairs of roofing materials and the softer metals, sometimes found in steeple construction.

Before Pressure Washing of Church Steeple by Complete Power Wash on Hagerstown, MD

Steeple and Roof BEFORE Softwash Power Wash

If you would like to find out more about our softwash cleaning technique for cleaning church roofs and steeples, click here to contact us with a question, request an estimate or to schedule an appointment via email or phone. Our phone number is 301-842-2290.

Complete Power Wash does church roof and steeple cleaning — and general pressure washing — in the entire Tri-State area of Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This includes (in Maryland) Clear Spring, Hagerstown, Hancock, Funkstown, Williamsport, Smithsburg, Sharpsburg, Myersville, Brunswick, Boonsboro, Keedysville, Middletown, and Burkittsville. In West Virginia we serve the communities of Falling Waters, Marlowe, Martinsburg, Berkeley Springs, Hedgesville and Shepherdstown. In Pennsylvania, we serve State Line, Greencastle and Waynesboro residents and businesses.

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