The Entire Team at Complete Power Wash Welcome the Fall Season and its Beautiful Weather


Fall for pressure washing by Complete Power Wash in Hagerstown, MDWe love the fall season, because the hot summer days are behind us. We love this season because we can now help homeowners get ready for the holiday season, and what we hope will be a short winter. So if your sidewalks or siding are not “up for entertaining,” please let us help get them ready. Our technicians will bring our professional equipment and their years of cleaning expertise and have your home ready quickly. Along with the professional equipment, they use the softwash technique to clean your property safely.

Most amateurs try and blast dirt, grime and algae away. The problem is, as they blast away the filth, they also blast INTO the surfaces. The scarring of concrete, wood and other building materials can be VERY costly!

Gutter Cleaning is Essential

Gutter Cleaning in Hagerstown, MD by the pressure washing experts at Complete Power WashOne area of your home that needs to be clean before winter is the gutters. Most homeowners don’t even think about gutters until there’s a problem. Then it’s too late, because water can find lots of places to go if not channeled away from the house. Sticks, leafs and acorns can quickly clog gutters and downspouts. Many people think water will just flow around it, but heavy rains can back up in a hurry.

If water backs up, it will overflow, run down the walls and likely come inside your home. And, if you live where it snows, backed up water freezes and snow can back up under shingles. This can lead to damage inside and outside of your home, negatively impacting your roofing materials.

Contact us today online or by calling us at 301.842.2290 for an estimate to pressure wash your Hagerstown-area home. We’re also happy to answer questions, so you can make a wise choice about your home’s care.

Fall Season Facts

Historically “Fall” was called “Harvest,” because of the harvest season that occurs during these months.

Fall colors can bring mold and mildew that can be cleaned by Complete Power WashFall Is caused by the Earth’s tilt, not the planet’s distance from the sun. When the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun, we get warmer and then colder as it tilts away.

Weight gain around this time of year may not only from food. Researchers have found that lack of vitamin D — which the sun helps your body produce — reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage. So you can’t completely blame all the pumpkin-spice drinks and desserts.

Fall colors are caused by the amount of sugar in leaves. The more red in the leaf, the more sugar that leaf is storing.

Fall tourism — or “leaf peeping” — brings in big money, around $3 billion annually to the New England states.

People with fall birthdays are statistically better students and live longer, according to a UK Department of education and the University of Chicago study.


Serving You This Fall Season

Our techs will be working this fall throughout the greater Hagerstown, MD area, including Boonsboro, Clear Spring, Myersville, Maugansville, Keedysville, Williamsport, Funkstown, Hancock, etc… We also serve most of Frederick County, MD. Our pros also clean residences and commercial buildings in nearby Greencastle, PA and Martinsburg, WV. Call 301.842.2290 or contact us today for a free estimate.

To see a gallery of our pressure washing work in the Greater Hagerstown, MD area, click here.

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