Most roof stains are caused by an algae called Gloeocapsa magma. The algae is airborne and can land on any roof at any time. It usually grows first and fastest on the north facing portions of your home. The algae is a tiny plant and the stains typically only become visible after they have grown unchecked for awhile. There typically is no immediate danger but if allowed to grow too long, the plant life holds moisture on the roof and this allows moss and other things can to begin to grow and that is where the roof life really begins to be affected in a negative way. It is not uncommon to have an algae “bloom”. People often tell us that they noticed some discoloration and then all of a sudden one season it just spread like wildfire. This is because although the algae spores are present all over your roof, they need a certain amount of moisture to germinate. More plants mean more moisture and more moisture means more plants. Call us to stop the cycle before any damage can occur.