The new year is here and so are the New Year’s Resolutions that will shape 2020.

Each new year brings reflections on the old year passing and dreams of the new one to come. We are so thankful for another year of helping others and seeing our business grow and improve. We met many new friends in 2019 and hope those will become life-long connections. As folks are sitting down now to make their New Year’s Resolutions for 2020, we thought it would be fun to see the wisdom the internet holds for such suggestions. The typical ones of losing weight, eating better, going to church, saving money, exercising more, etc… have been replaced. The ones we found achieve similar results, but in smaller “bites,” you could say. These include building a better budget; eating vegetables regularly; doing one new exercise; etc…. To learn more, read the full article here.

If your resolutions include beautifying your home in 2020, please let us help. Our pressure washing experts know how to clean the exterior of your home and do it the right way. The right way includes using a softwash approach that will clean all surfaces — shingles, gutters, siding, walkways, awnings, fences and more — without damage. Contact us here or by calling our Hagerstown, MD office at 301.842.2290. You can also email our office staff at

While looking forward to a great new year, we also thought to search for good news from 2019. Sometimes the bad news leads and the good news gets forgotten by those reporting. We know that we at Complete Power Wash heard plenty of good news in the greater Hagerstown area, but what about the rest of the world? We were surprised to find headlines like:

Good News Headlines from 2019

Ethiopia Smashed World Record for Tree Planting

Poaching of Rhinos, Elephants Drops Dramatically in Kenya

Cigarette Smoking Among Adults in the US Reaches All-time Low of 13.7%

Type 3 Polio Officially Becomes Second Species of Poliovirus Eliminated in 2019

Report Shows Children’s Lives have Improved in 173 out of 176 Countries Since 1999

According to the World Bank, India Halved its Poverty Rate in the Past 30 years.


To read more good news, click on this link. There are 99 inspiring stories (snippets of stories) that will encourage you as you boldly go into 2020. We hope you will be someone’s inspiring story as we approach the year 2021 a year from now. Until then….

Happy New Year!

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