Everyone at Complete Power Wash wishes you a wonderful Christmas season!

Merry Christmas“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Many would agree with the words of this famous holiday tune. For those we hope it gets better with each passing day right up through Christmas. For those who are stressed by the season, the staff hopes you can find some joy in time spent looking at lights, visiting family and friends, or looking forward to a great new year.

This is also a great time for the staff to say “thank you” to all of Complete Power Wash‘s clients, who helped highlight a great 2022. The hope is that they will have the privilege of serving you again in the future. They hope and pray that 2023 is a great year filled with peace, joy and success.

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Enjoy reading about these well-known Christmas traditions while you’re waiting for Santa to arrive on the 24th.


Christmas Traditions Through the Years

The holiday traditions all started somewhere. Most think the traditions are very personal, because they are “our decorations.” However, most of these traditions have old and deep roots that make them even more special. Below are some of the history lessons surrounding these Christmas staples.


Christmas traditions in Hagerstown, MD. Complete Power Wash does pressure washing before Christmas gatherings.Christmas Trees

Decorated trees date back to Germany in the Middle Ages. European settlers popularized Christmas trees in America by the early 19th century. A New York woodsman is credited with opening the first U.S. Christmas tree lot in 1851. The American Christmas Tree Association estimates 81 percent of houses with Christmas trees are artificial and 19 percent are real.

Advent Calendars

This tradition started in Germany in 1903 by a publisher. It offered a way for children to count down to Christmas by opening one “door” a day to reveal a Bible passage, poem or small gift. Today’s U.S. version often uses candy as the daily gift.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This now-popular fashion began in Canada in the 1980s and became an international trend in 2001. According to Fox Business, the ugly sweater industry is a multi-million business. There’s even an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book.

Door Wreaths

Wreaths have been around since the ancient Greek and Roman times. The evergreen Christmas wreath took on a Christian meaning, symbolic of Christ’s crown of thorns and blood, according to the New York Times. Today’s wreaths come in all varieties and are most often seen as a secular winter tradition.

A Visit from Saint Nicholas

Made popular by the book The Night Before Christmas. The reading of this classic by poet Clement Moore is an American holiday tradition. According to the U.S. Library of Congress, the author and professor at the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan, was “embarrassed by the work. It was made public without his knowledge in December 1823. Moore did not publish it under his name until 1844.”


These plants native to Central America, known at the Christmas flower, were brought to the United States in the 1820s. They were brought by the country’s first U.S. ambassador to Mexico, botanist Joel Roberts Poinsett. It was a California horticulturist who brought the plants to the masses 100 years later. He donated the plants to TV shows, and, according to the Los Angeles Times, the poinsettia became the best-selling potted plant in the nation by 1986.

Christmas traditions in Hagerstown, MD. Complete Power Wash does pressure washing before Christmas gatherings.Click on this History Channel link to learn about other traditions — like the Elf on the Shelf — and how they came to be.


Merry Christmas from Complete Power Wash!


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