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Pressure Washing Services in Greencastle, PA

Greencastle pressure washing by Complete Power Washing in Hagerstown, MDAmong the residential pressure washing services offered by the Fields family are siding cleaningroof cleaning, deck and patio cleaning. Beyond this, they will entertain special washing projects, and are even trained in commercial and industrial power washing. They even clean solar panels and pressure wash church steeples.

Our professional cleaning techs can restore the beauty to your Greencastle, PA home or business safely and effectively. Contact the CPW Hagerstown, MD office today to safely clean every exterior surface of your Greencastle-area home. Below are several testimonials of satisfied clients. Click here to learn more about Complete Power Wash’s pressure washing experience and Softwash approach to safe and effective cleaning.

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The Risk of Injury

Pressure washing injuries can be painfulBefore buying and using a pressure washer, it is important to remember that every year thousands of people end up with injuries caused by pressure washers. In extreme cases, improper use of these machines has led to death.

Untrained in the proper use of pressure washers, some DIY homeowners have used ladders to help them access hard-to-reach places. Falls from such heights often result in painful injuries and unwanted medical bills.

The most common injuries inflicted are caused by misdirecting the spray. To appreciate the kind of risk that a user is exposed to when using a pressure washer, it is important to remember that some of the machines produce pressures as high as 4,000 psi.

This is an extremely powerful force and if misdirected it can cause severe damage. The pressure is high enough to cut through skin and cause permanent injury. Even worse, the fluid that is released could get lodged in the skin tissue and end up causing a bacterial infection. That is why it is worthwhile to consider using the services of Greencastle pressure washing professionals when carrying out a cleaning job. These service providers have the proper training in handling of cleaning equipment.


The SoftWash Cleaning Process

Complete Power Wash techs use gentle water pressure to apply the cleaning detergent, and then gently rinse the exterior of your Greencastle-area home. High pressure applications can damage the surface of your home, even hardscapes.

Our softwash technique also keeps water from being forced behind the siding, which can lead to more serious damage in the future. Trapped moisture can lead to mold issues.

Roof cleaning in Greencastle, PAAs a final step, your home will be rinsed using a water softening agent that will help minimize water spots on your windows. And because the detergents are environmentally-friendly, it doesn’t harm plants or other landscaping around the house.


Visit Our Pressure Washing Blog

The Complete Power Wash staff members are the pressure washing experts in the greater Hagerstown, MD area. They often share that expertise in their blog posts on this website. Click here to see the posts and enjoy learning more about professional pressure washing.


Pressure Washing Customer Testimonials

“Very professional, prompt, and thorough. I didn’t realize how dirty our house, roof, and sidewalks were until Complete Power Wash cleaned them all!”   – Jennifer H.

“Great job! Professional service. The house looks brand new.”  – Terry M.

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Complete Power Wash can clean all of the surfaces around your home, including:


  • Roof

  • Sidewalk

  • Decking, both wood and composite

  • House and siding

  • Concrete

  • And more!

Your home has it. We can clean it.



Pressure Washing Customer Testimonials

“Very professional, prompt, and thorough. I didn’t realize how dirty our house, roof, and sidewalks were until Complete Power Wash cleaned them all!”      – Jennifer H.


Complete Power Wash Pressure Washing Blog

To read our expert advice on pressure washing in the greater Hagerstown, MD area, click here for our Complete Pressure Washing Blog posts.

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