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Everyone loves the colorful Fall foliage of Western Maryland, but as the leaves dry up and drop, they bring lots of dirt onto the roofs and siding of houses in the Tri-State.

Fall leaves bring dirt for pressure washingThe dirt that comes with the leaves can be easily cleaned by the “softwash” technique used by the professional cleaners at Complete Power Wash. This technique uses lower-than-usual water pressure and environmentally-friendly detergents. This is perfect for cleaning thoroughly, without the threat of damaging surfaces, especially to a home’s protective exterior.

We also encourage homeowners to clear the fallen leaves from roofs and gutters. If these are left for too long, the moisture can build up and cause algae, which canFall leaves bring dirt for pressure washing by Complete Power Wash in Hagerstown, MD breakdown shingles and cause water backups in gutters. This would likely lead to mold issues behind siding, affecting interior walls and causing health problems for those living inside.

If you would like to schedule us to clean your home after the last leaf has fallen and been bagged, please contact us by clicking here.

Complete Power Wash services residents and businesses throughout the Tri-State area, including Hagerstown, Clean Spring, Boonsboro, Smithsburg and Funkstown in Maryland; Greencastle, Waynesboro and State Line in Pennsylvania; and Falling Waters and Martinsburg in West Virginia.

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