The pressure washing experts at Complete Power Wash can safely clean your siding, sidewalks, driveway and more.

This is the time of year when the sun is shining brightest and longest. It’s also when the dirt, mildew and ugly stains are illuminated for all to see. There are a couple of ways to fix this. You can try to do it yourself, taking an entire day, risking injury and possibly making it look worse. OR, you can hire the Complete Power Wash house washing in Hagerstown, MD, cleaning siding and cleaning professionals of Complete Power Wash in Hagerstown, MD, like Jennifer.


House Washing Done Safely and Correctly

Most houses have several exterior walls that are relatively clean, with several sides covered in green and black stains. These are natural elements that can cause harm if not cleaned. The best way to clean these surfaces is by hiring a professional pressure washing company that uses the softwash cleaning method.

Complete Power Wash clean siding and concrete.The professionals at Complete Power Wash are trained to use softwash. Their techs use just the right water pressure. That controlled pressure combined with gentle, environmentally-friendly detergents weaken the grip of dirt, mold, mildew and other natural elements. Once the detergent takes affect, the technician can gently wash away all those elements and their ugliness.

Siding — and every other kind of building material — can be scarred and/or broken with pressure washing equipment in the wrong hands. These mistakes can cost a homeowner a lot of money.

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Professional Concrete Cleaning

Most think that blasting dirt and stains off sidewalks, driveways, and hardscape patios and walls is easy. After all, concrete is among the hardest surfaces Complete Power Wash clean siding and sidewalksand there’s no way water can hurt it, right? Some do-it-yourselfers and amateurs find out the hard way that intense water pressure through a concentrated nozzle can cut right into concrete. Scarred walkways are even more costly to replace or fix than scarred siding.

Professional cleaners will once again use detergents and the correct water pressure to wash away the stains. The detergents also leave a residue that will prolong times between cleanings on concrete, siding, decking, etc…. The Complete Power Wash techs will leave your property clean and tidy. Driveways, sidewalks and patios all look new again.


Contact CPW for Professional Pressure Washing in the Tri-State Area

Contact the Complete Power Wash‘s Hagerstown, MD office to schedule a pressure washing appointment. Click here to contact the CPW office about a free cleaning estimate. You can also call 301-842-2290 or email Their techs are the local pressure washing experts for siding and concrete surfaces. They’re also experts in roof and gutter cleaning and deck and patio cleaning.

“Our dirty roof was gross! It ruined the whole exterior appearance of our home. Immediately after you treated it, the roof looked like new… nice and clean! Thanks for doing such a good job.” — Sue M.

Click here to see a gallery of Complete‘s pressure washing work. They also clean residences and commercial buildings in nearby Frederick County, Greencastle, PA and Martinsburg, WV. They also remove graffiti and are experienced in industrial power washing.




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