April is the National Month of Hope and our world is definitely in need of hope.


While most of the planet is clamped down due to corona virus (COVID-19), there is reason to hope. Warmer temperatures and extra time with family are among the better outcomes from the havoc. We’ve also heard great stories of people helping people during this time. Many healthcare workers are making sacrifices to take care of those infected. Even inside the health crisis, there is some good news. Most people recover from the virus. Children often have little or no symptoms from it. The number of new cases from where it started is declining. Countries are working together on a common goal of limiting the spread and finding a cure. And, we should find hope in that the global community should be better prepared for future outbreaks.

Hope during pandemic from Complete Power Wash in Hagerstown, MD

                                                Photo by Lynnelle Richardson


Other stories of hope include:

  • Miraculous stories of recovery by elderly patients.
  • Many celebrities and professional athletes donating large sums of money to institutions and essential workers in need.
  • Chefs teaching free, online cooking classes.
  • Air pollution has plummeted in cities with high numbers of quarantined individuals.
  • Venice, Italy’s canal waters are clear.
  • Artists giving free, online concerts.
  • The early release of films to watch through streaming services.
  • People purchasing local goods and services to help community-based business owners.
  • People making masks due to the shortage of such essential equipment.


We Have Hope

Complete Power Wash uses softwash in Hagerstown, MDWe at Complete Power Wash in Hagerstown, MD, also have hope. Our hope that once this global pandemic is over, people will be more kind toward each other. We hope families will be closer and people will enjoy going back to work and serving alongside their coworkers.

We also hope to get to serve them as they return to everyday life.


Complete Power Wash’s Services

Complete Power Wash pressure washing techs are experts in house washing, roof cleaning and deck and patio cleaning. They are also trained Complete Power Wash technician pressure washing in Hagerstown, MDin commercial and industrial power washing.  Our techs use the softwash technique of gentle water pressure and environmentally-friendly detergents. Softwash is the safest way to pressure wash.

Click here. to see a gallery of our pressure washing work in the greater Hagerstown, MD area. We also serve most of Frederick County, MD. Our pros also clean residences and commercial buildings in nearby Greencastle, PA and Martinsburg, WV. Call 301.842.2290 or contact us today for a free estimate.

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