Shotgun Fungus can prove to be a headache for those mulching this spring.

Mulching flower beds is a favorite activity of homeowners this time of year. It makes the property look great. But know that not all mulch is the same and you can’t tell the difference until the signs show up. Those signs are in the form of little black dots on the side of your home or business. “Shotgun” fungus — also known as Artillery Fungus — originates in mulch. The spores can launch up to 20 feet high and stick to any surface. The spores aren’t harmful, but Artillery fungus or Shotgun Fungus on houses in the greater Hagerstown, MD area.are extremely difficult to remove from a home’s exterior walls.

Pressure washing techs can clean nearly every tough stain on a property. But Shotgun Fungus spores are nearly impossible to remove with pressure washing detergents and equipment. Artillery Fungus can infect any organic mulch, and under the right conditions, it will flourish. It thrives in cool, moist, shady areas. The best advice is to prevent the fungus from shooting its sticky spores.

Shotgun Fungus live in mulch and shoot the black dots onto exterior wallsWhen adding mulch, routinely inspect your home’s exterior for two weeks after putting it down. As soon as you see the black dots, remove the mulch immediately. After that, you can replace it; remove it and allow it to “season” and put it back; and/or add mushroom compost to the mulch. None of these options is a guaranteed solution, but the compost has been shown to greatly reduce the fungus’ action.

Did You Know?: The end of April is the BEST time to sell your home this spring. AND, it’s always best to have your home professionally cleaned before putting it on the real estate market.

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“They did an awesome job cleaning my entire townhouse! I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again in the future!” – Regina C., Hagerstown, MD

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