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Are you a Boonsboro home owner who has invested in a power washer? If so, there are several measures you need to put in place to make sure that your pressure washer gives you great service and that using it does not put you at the risk of injury. While this task should ideally be performed by professionals, there are home owners who choose to do it on their own, using a poorly maintained machine could cause problems.

Are all the parts in good working condition?

The first thing you need to confirm with a good piece of equipment is that all its essential parts are in good working condition. Should some parts be faulty, you will not only have an unpleasant experience using the machine, but risk getting injured.

One of the important parts on the pressure washer is the air filter. A dirty air filter can hinder the operation of your machine. Keep the filter properly cleaned and replace it when needed. When using the pressure washer correctly, you will need to remove and clean the air filters after every 4 hours (if you are using foam filters) or have them replaced if you are using paper filters. Whether you use foam or paper filters, make sure that you have all of them replaced after 100 hours.

Know When to Change Your Oil

Your machine will give you great service if you remember to change the oil in the engine after every 50 hours. Moreover, it helps to check the oil regularly and, should you find that it is getting too dark, you know that it is time to have it changed.

These oil changes also apply to the power washer’s pump. Regular oil changes are recommended because they help in lubricating the machine’s components, reducing friction. Poor lubrication also plays a part in shortening the life of your power washer as it will usually be subject to overheating.

Should you notice that your power washer is prone to hard starts; chances are that the spark plugs are not in the best condition. You should consider replacing the plugs at this point. In any case, spark plugs should be replaced annually.

The Hose

Since it handles water at very high pressure, your hose needs to be regularly checked for leaks. Leaking hoses are not only uncomfortable to work with, but also increase the risk of injury. Leaking hoses should be replaced immediately. To make sure the hoses you use are the right ones, confirm that the PSI rating matches what is recommended by the manufacturer of the pressure washer. Should you have trouble deciding which hoses are ideal for your machine, you can get advice from the Boonsboro pressure washing company, Complete Power Wash.


Most power washers are used infrequently. When not in use, it is important to store your machine in the right conditions to make sure that it lasts for years. Immediately after using the machine and before getting ready to store it, you must remember to drain it of all remaining fuel.

If your location is prone to freezing winters, your power washer could be in danger if not properly stored. To safeguard it, always add some antifreeze into the water pump. Frozen water easily expands and can break the pump. Before storing the power washer, disassemble it and then wrap the components with cloth before storing in a dry place.

Maybe you need your roof cleaned?  Believe it or not, most pressure washing companies aren’t doing this correctly. They use the pressure washer to blow the moss and dirt off the roof, blasting it off from high pressure.  This can damage your roof.  We at Complete Power Wash use another method called “Softwash.” We can restore your roof back to almost new without causing the harmful damage caused by traditional cleaning methods, used by many other power washing companies.

To Buy or to Hire

If you decide to hire rather than buy a pressure washer, it always helps to obtain your machine from a reputable company. While many companies rent machines, it is important to confirm that the machine you obtain is in good condition to minimize the risk of injury.

If you have never handled one before, it might make even more sense to obtain the services of Complete Power Wash. The professional services at CPW are guaranteed to bring better results than any DIY job. Pressure washing requires skills and experience. Much of our job — roof and gutter cleaning — requires working on ladders and high places. This fact, combined with wet surfaces, can make the job dangerous for novices. Also, the chemicals used could prove harmful to people who do not know how to handle them.

A cleaning job handled by a novice could go wrong in a number of ways, and even incur the wrath of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unless it is handled by professionals. Complete Power Wash technicians use gentle detergents, rather than chemicals that can do unwanted damage to the environment.

Our Pressure Washing Services

Among the residential pressure washing services offered by the Fields are siding cleaningroof cleaning, deck and patio cleaning. Beyond this, they will entertain special washing projects, and are even trained in commercial and industrial power washing. They even clean church steeples.

If you would like to see a gallery of our work, click here.

Customer Testimonial

“Amazing customer service. Hired Complete and crew for my relatives house wash and the results were amazing. Communication and customer service is key and they went above and beyond. Will definitely use again.” – Joe D.

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Complete Power Wash can clean all of the surfaces around your home, including:


  • Roof

  • Sidewalk

  • Decking, both wood and composite

  • House and siding

  • Concrete

  • And more!

Your home has it. We can clean it.

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