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Keedysville Pressure Washing

Keedysville property owners appreciate the importance of regularly cleaning their properties because of the many benefits realized by this task. Faced with the choice between “soft wash” pressure washing and traditional pressure washing, what factors does a property owner need to take into account before making a decision? More importantly, what washing method is likely to achieve best results?

Before and after pressure washing of sidewalks by Complete Power WashSeveral factors have to be taken into consideration before making a decision on the washing method to use. The first consideration is the kind of surface being cleaned. For driveways, patios and sidewalks, traditional pressure washing is usually recommended. This is also the washing method of choice for the cleaning of building exteriors.

Before and after pressure washing by Complete Power WashThe dirt and grime that builds up on a home’s exterior over time can be very hard to remove. Even more importantly, the exteriors of a building will also have plenty of mold and mildew that the naked eye can’t detect. To remove stubborn dirt and the invisible mold and mildew, pressure washing is recommended. This is especially important if you are considering having the house repainted. A professional Keedysville pressure washing company will ensure all of this is done correctly.

Unless all the dirt is removed, the paint job will not be done to perfection. The dirt that remains on the walls makes it harder to paint and also makes the paint start to peel off after only a short period of time. When you consider that the exteriors of the house are permanently exposed to the elements, a paint job that is done on a surface that is not properly cleaned, might prove to be a futile exercise, causing one to have to repaint the building a short time later.

While some Keedysville property owners choose to clean their properties on their own, they might not have the equipment or know-how to do it correctly. For the walls of a building, the property owner might decide to use an ordinary garden hose. The trouble with going this way is that the pressure from a garden hose is simply not strong enough to get rid of all the dirt. Moreover, regardless of the size of the building, there will always be areas that are hard to reach. This might necessitate the use of ladders, leading to the risk of an injury. That is why it would be prudent to consider using the services of a Keedysville power washing service.


Softwash Pressure Washing

Softwash cleaning by Complete Power Wash pressure washing company in Hagerstown, MDThe main difference between pressure washing and soft washing is in the kind of pressure used. While the velocity of water is extremely high when carrying out pressure washing, it is very low during soft washing. During soft washing, the washing gun is fitted with nozzles that release the washing solution (detergent) at very low pressure. Soft washing is used on surfaces that could get damaged if the pressure used was excessive.

While the pressure used is low when carrying out soft washing, this washing method does not in any way produce inferior results. To make sure that all dirt and harmful mold and bacteria are taken care of, the washing solution used usually contains a biodegradable chemical (as required by the EPA).

A professional Keedysville power washing company knows when to apply either cleaning method. That is why cleaning presents a bit of a challenge to do-it-yourself (DIY) cleaners. One method that might prove useful for some surfaces, but may fail to work on other surfaces. Moreover, the chemicals used in soft cleaning have to be chosen with care to guarantee they are not harmful to the person carrying out the job or the environment.


Keedysville Roof cleaning

Complete Power Wash pressure washing company in Hagerstown, MDWhile most of the exteriors of a Keedysville house will be pressure washed, the roofs of most buildings can only be soft washed. The kind of pressure that the concrete walls of a building can absorb would certainly be too much for a roof. Unless roof cleaning is conducted by Complete Power Wash, there is always the risk of damaging it. The roof is a very important part of any house and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Failing to clean a roof properly means that it might have to be replaced sooner than later. Of course the cost of roof replacement is very expensive, when you consider that you could avoid it by keeping the roof properly cleaned for a fraction of that cost.

Pressure Washing Customer Testimonials

“Very professional, prompt, and thorough. I didn’t realize how dirty our house, roof, and sidewalks were until Complete Power Wash cleaned them all!”   – Jennifer H.

“Great job! Professional service. The house looks brand new.”  – Terry M.

“The crew from Complete Power Wash did an excellent job on our roof and siding. So nice to come home to a clean house!”– Barry M.


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